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History and overview of FMECA (Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis) approaches applied to the safety of food contact materials

⏲46 min 🗣 Dr. Olivier Vitrac 🏛 INRAE, France


Regular and on-line FITNess workshop "Training on Food Packaging| Feb 5-7, 2020 | University of Burgundy | Dijon, France

License BY-SA-ND 4.0

PROJECT FITNess - funded by the European Union's ERASMUS programme (contract 2017-1-FR01-KA202-037441)
Food packaging open courseware for higher education and staff of companies
Partners: Croatia (UZAG-PBF), France (ACTIA, LNE, AGROPARISTECH/INRA, AGROSUP DIJON), Germany (TUM), Portugal (UCP), Spain (CSIC)
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